About us


Designers and Coordinators

We strive to be diverse and inclusive. With multiple cultures and multiple backgrounds we are able to see problems differently and solve them creatively. Helping brands of every size connect with their audience across the African continent. Building a strong agency family is important to us so that we can help and improve the people around us. We believe this helps us craft inspirational outcomes for our clients.

 Who we are 

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Malusi Thu

Managing Director

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Nesh Ramroop

Creative and Design

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Lisa Gonyela

Brand Activation Director

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Piet Botha

Managing Director (Heads-Up)

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Vusi Vuma

Managing Director (Noborox)

What we believe in


A strong relationship with our clients is essential to creating campaigns that succeed above predictions. We believe in creating and maintaining strong and personal relationships with current clients and building new ones. 

Each other 

Having people who believe in you and who you can count on in the working environment is something we believe in strongly. We strive to help each other where we can and therefore removing the stress so that we can focus on our clients.


What would delayed and poorly executed campaigns benefit anyone. We believe that is we say something can be done by a certain date, we get there. And if life happens and we can't, then communicate early and produce solutions to mitigate damage. 


We believe if something needs to be done, then do it with some flare. Make an impression on anyone who may happen to see it. Stand out and don't be afraid to be bold. The small things to the big things, crafting different is how we like to go about things.