• 2010 World Cup PVA in Newtown : Creative Concept & Design - Brand Activation
  • Royal Bafokeng Nation & RLM MOU Signing Ceremony 2014 - Brand Activation
  • Leungo Investments : Brand Strategy - Brand Expression
  • Bayer V C Sales Marketing Collateral : Creative Concept - Brand Expression
  • Bayer Malaria Day Campaign 2010 Uganda : Creative Concept - Brand Activation

About Us

ZANUSI Brand Solutions was established in 2001 to take advantage of the gap that exists in the market place where understanding of the wider South African consumer base is limited and to offer integrated brand solutions. Zanusi is one of t...
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The CEO, Nomahlubi Simamane received a prestigious award at the 2013 Enterprising Women of the Year in the annual sales from 1m - 5m dollars Category. The dyn...
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